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Heat-saving ventilation system and PRANA Recuperators

  • Innovative Air Ventilation System

  • Heat Saving in winter

  • Air Conditioning in summer

  • Maintains Energy Components of the air

Walls without mould

Transparent windows

Fresh air

The PRANA Recuperator is the best innovative system of energy effective ventilation.

PRANA Recuperator is an intake-extract countercurrent flow ventilation system (intake and extract happen simultaneously without mixing of air flows). Ventilation system body frame is made of food grade ABC plastic. A highly effective copper heat exchanger is used as an air recuperator.

The system cleans the premises off the air which is polluted with microparticles of dust and smoke; it also provides intake of fresh and clean air from the outside. At the same time intake and extract air goes along different channels and doesn’t mix. During ventilation we have interchannel heat transmission and that actually provides energy effectiveness of the system in any season. A possibility to regulate volume of air which is taken in and extracted provides comfort in premises.

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The main task of PRANA recuperator ventilation system development was to reach maximally possible preservation of energetic features of the air. There may be a filter installed in the recuperator frame for the most effective cleaning of the intake air. In PRANA recuperators we use technologies and materials which help maintain natural air features, all their energetic conponents (ion composition, thin energies). These materials sanitize the air and by this preserve its natural freshness. The main component of a healthy microclimate (i.e. preserving warmth in the premises) is gained with utilization of warm air through the effective heat exchanger, heat recuperator.

The system, which was developed consequently, provides fresh sanitized air in the premises with the preservation of energetic component including natural ion composition and thin energies.

Heat Recuperator is the most modern method of energy saving

When you choose traditional intake ventilation, you must remember that premises chill in winter. It will not happen if you use systems with recuperation. Recuperation, which means return receipt, becomes today more and more popular. Heated air, taken away from premises, transmits heat to cold air from the outside through the walls of the heat exchanger. Due to PRANA recuperators the heat utilization coefficient by the system reaches 91%. The fact that the PRANA system doesn’t contain any filters allows getting fresh air whose energy coefficient is 95-97%. In summer time it will let maintain comfortable chill of the air conditioner and this is really a double profit. Firstly, you will need less powerful air conditioner, which means cheaper air conditioners. Secondly, you can get significant energy saving while using it (electricity consumption of PRANA recuperators is up to 30 W per hour in average).

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The air in the premises is energetically the same as in the nature and exactly this creates a healthy microclimate with significantly lower air exchange volume. That in its turn means walls without mould and fungus and dry windows without condensation. There is one more important issue, namely the effectiveness of energy saving. Traditional ventilation consumes up to 30% of money for heating in winter and in summer we spend up to 70% of our budget on conditioning. The usage of a heat recuperator considerably decrease the costs on climatization.

In the era of plastic windows a lot of their owners have sad experience of emergence of asthma symptoms, allergies and other threatening illnesses which are connected with the organs of breathing. In that context not only people but the houses themselves get sick, mould and fungus appear. It is clear that being in such premises is not only harmful but sometimes is very dangerous for our health. As such illnesses are directly connected with bad quality ventilation, a logical question arises: which ventilation systems and recuperators solve the very essence of the problem and provide us with quality air in its all respects. What is the right and effective ventilation?

There is a definite answer for this question: straight flow decentralized ventilation systems with recuperation and they are air recuperators.

Extract air from the premises

copper heat exchanger

100-150 mm from the ceiling

air from the outside

intake and extract are working simultaneously and do not mix

heated air from the outside

Installation slope

removal of warm air from the premises

The PRANA recuperator is the best solution in ventilation.

PRANA Ventilation system is a possibility to solve all current problems in ventilation taking into consideration the physiology of a live organism’s process of breathing which requires the presence of energetic components in the air. It is worth briefly considering the benefits that we can get when we use PRANA heat recuperator system:

  • use of a copper heat exchanger – heat recuperator. Copper, which is a natural sanitizer, prevents accumulation of malignant bacteria in the working unit. It cannot be spoiled, corroded and it has one of the highest coefficients in heat conducting;

  • in the household model line the amount of intake air exceeds the amount of extract air to prevent back draught process;

  • PRANA Recuperator performs excellently in the premises on its own. Simultaneously it compensates the work of extract channels in the kitchen and in the toilet facilities. Whereas, to prevent exhaust poisoning you must obligatory have TWO reverse ventilators for one unit of accommodation;

  • simultaneous intake and extract;

  • compact size – the whole working unit is hidden in the wall layer and you can see only a ventilation grid;

  • simplicity and quickness of assembling. Specialists assemble this air recuperator during two hours without affecting home redecoration;

  • convenient control system with the help of an on/off switcher or remote control;

  • significant energy resources savings;

  • filling the premises with air and preserving natural energetic component “Prane”;

  • absence of filters that brings to nothing constant working expenses on materials and technical maintenance;

  • availability and simplicity of system maintenance;

  • absence of noise in the night mode;

  • guaranteed quality;

  • fair and reasonable price in accordance with the competitive principle “cost-effectiveness”.

The best solution is the PRANA recuperator


While developing PRANA recuperator ventilation system the main aim was to preserve as many as possible energetic air features. Besides, it was necessary to most effectively use (recycle) warm air. That is why we had a highly effective heat exchanger installed here and it is our heat recuperator.