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For the sake of objectivity it is necessary to mention that nowadays PRANA decentralized ventilation systems are rightfully considered to be one of the best in the world and according to many other parameters just the best system. It can be simply explained: “PRANA” is an innovative ventilation and air conditioning system which has patent protection. Taking into consideration physiological peculiarities of breathing, physiologists put forward a task to develop such a system. At the initial stage of ventilation and conditioning designing, public health services established restrictions which fully prohibited the usage of dangerous technologies, harmful and toxic materials. The following conditions were laid down based on the principle of “what is necessary and what is not”:

  • the system must not influence (alter) energetic air parameters. This explains low relative indicators for air exchange which is necessary for comfort;

  • there must not be bacteriological cells and conditions for their emergence and this factor explains full banning on usage of filter elements while meeting the requirements connected with effective biological protection;

  • ventilation and air conditioning maintenance is excluded;

  • there is protection against insects and large dust;

  • high reliability and cost-effectiveness are ensured;

  • there must be a possibility to alter the parameters of ventilation and conditioning system in a broad range. The control system defines this (a resistor, remote control and an industrial control board).

Technical design specifications were successfully implemented in a specified nomenclature variant:

  • semi-industrial ventilation systems PRANA 340A/340S/340S+/250

These systems have high indicators in moved air volumes and created air pressure. This ventilation and conditioning can work together with a developed system of air circuits and allow the usage of electrical heaters at the exit. The main purpose of such ventilation is for industrial objects and for servicing of the technical lines including special ones. Very often industrial ventilation systems are used in water entertainment complexes (swimming pools).

The special feature of the usage of ventilation and conditioning systems in children’s swimming pools is that the structural element let refuse from the use of expensive and hardly effective air dehumidifiers in the premises of swimming pools. Moreover, the temperature within the limits from +30°C at the exit of the system does not restrict the speed of air flows without a threat of cold-related diseases emergence. There is a possibility to install systems for additional heating up of the air (up to +35°C) at the exit.

  • Semi-industrial ventilation systems PRANA 200C

These systems have average indicators of air volumes. Such ventilation and air conditioning systems are distinguished by sufficient productivity and high efficient factor of recuperation for solving basic tasks. “PRANA 200C” have less productivity but much higher efficient factor and more “curved” trajectory of an air flow.

And as a result, the system is “warmer”, less noisy and has better protection from the direct “blowing down” at the optimal air pressure. From the point of view of special usage ventilation and conditioning G systems (as “warmer”) are recommended to be used in the household sector, such as kindergartens, residential houses, flats, offices and schools. Type C ventilation systems (as systems with higher productivity) are recommended to be used in big halls, drug stores, restaurants and in the places for mass entertainment and public food service.

  • Universal usage ventilation systems PRANA 150/200G

Among PRANA systems they have the smallest productivity and the widest range of usage (almost without any restrictions).

It is necessary to mention that there are no restrictions for all ventilation and conditioning systems in terms of using. However, if you want to use these systems broadly in practice, you must specify some factors in terms of using in order to reveal their potential possibilities to the maximum. Namely, we mean the peculiarities of usage of these systems in halls (dance, sports, exhibition and others), swimming pools, classrooms (different ages).

General rule: you must pay special attention to specific conditions and special requirements (quantity, repetition factor, removal of humidity and odours, constructive proposals, other). PRANA engineers will help you in this question absolutely free of charge, they will give you advice and choose the most effective ventilation system in each specific case.

Which ventilation and conditioning systems will be the best solution solely for you?

Nowadays people choose ventilation systems more carefully as more and more often we hear about the usefulness of quality energetic air and we want to get it not only in the mountains or near the sea but also when we are at home. That is why we refuse from installing decentralized ventilation and conditioning systems more and more often and prefer decentralized intake-extract ventilation. A few years ago ventilation system was enclosed into a ventilation pipe which was installed in a kitchen, bathroom and toilet and that you couldn’t rely upon because there was not the slightest idea about sufficient air exchange at all. Today the situation is not very simple as well, as the market offers us from one side the widest choice of equipment with the help of which we have ventilation and air conditioning but from the other side it is really too difficult to choose high quality ventilation systems.

Why is it necessary to refuse from a decentralized ventilation and conditioning system?

It requires channels layout through the whole premises and the presence of space for working unit installation which is in itself rather big and noisy. Besides, it is quite a complicated construction of ventilation and conditioning which includes intake and extract ventilators, channel ventilators, a recuperator unit itself and apart from that a big number of air channels, distributing and noise abating elements, sophisticated and complicated automation.

And the most important thing is that decentralized ventilation and conditioning cannot provide us with quality air as 95% of the energetic component of the air is lost when it comes a way longer than three metres and we also lose almost the whole ion charge. It goes out that quite a costly decentralized ventilation system gives us necessary volume and temperature of the air as well as humidity but at the same time it cannot provide us with quality air. So decentralized conditioning and ventilation are created solely to solve problems in the premises but today we must think about the usefulness for a human being. Moreover, it is almost impossible to clean the channels of such ventilation and in a few months of operation inner surface of the channels will remind us of a vacuum cleaner tube from inside.

The right choice is decentralized ventilation system

The decentralized intake-extract ventilation will help you get the main advantage, that is the air which maintains in itself about 97% of energy. Besides, it has a significant number of benefits in comparison with decentralized ventilation system:

  • compact dimensions. The main unit of ventilation is in a wall, you can see only a ventilation grid;

  • a possibility to install it within two hours without any interior damage;

  • a possibility to create local zones of comfort;

  • warranty of quality and reliability of ventilation;

  • reasonable price;

  • multi-option algorithm of control;

  • stability and guarantee of maintaining characteristics of the ventilation and conditioning system.

The main task of the quality ventilation and conditioning is not just to install channel ventilators and extract ventilators but to offer clean fresh air which will be assessed not only in terms of the volume but mainly in the quality. In this case PRANA decentralized intake ventilation is rightly considered to be the best.

On our website you can have a look at the whole model line of PRANA ventilation systems and make your choice.

Call our managers right now and you will get more detailed consultation concerning all the systems of ventilation and conditioning.

  • The system guarantees high quality air.

  • Reliability.

  • Self-sustainability (ventilation doesn’t require additional supplies).

  • Multi task capability.

  • Air exchange in the range of 10-100% productivity.

  • PRANA ventilation and conditioning system is suitable for all kinds of the premises.