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About manufacturer

PRANA is the designer and manufacturer of a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of energy saving. Complex energy effective ventilation solutions have brought comfort and saving under the brand name "PRANA" for about 15 years.

Today, PRANA are producing the fourth generation of air recuperators based on heat exchanger operation. At their disposal engineers have their own climatic laboratory, which makes it possible to develop and introduce new calibrated models on the market.

Design solutions of PRANA engineers are under constant improvement and perfection. Due to their own climatic laboratory company engineers are able to offer ventilation systems for using in different climatic conditions and in the premises of almost any type: offices, schools, medical establishments, shops, industrial enterprises, gyms and swimming pools, private houses and apartments in blocks of flats.

Our principles

  • ecology

It does not use any additives, any harmful materials or substances. It does not produce any negative energetic impact. It maintains healing powers of the nature to maximum.

  • energy efficiency

Cost effective reduction of energetic losses of a building and maximum provision of its energetic needs with the help of redistribution of present energy.

  • economy

Use of effective materials, technologies and design solutions gives perfect results.

Every presentation of PRANA ventilation systems at international forums and exhibitions turns into a signal event. Far back to 2008 PRANA company participated in the work of the first international forum Bauhaus.SOLAR ERFURT (Germany). Presented constructive solution of ventilation systems has had no counterparts in the world so far.

In 2015-2016 we created a sensation at:

  • Aloa Day (Rome, Italy)

  • Aquatherm (Warsaw, Poland)

  • Budma (Posen, Poland)

  • MCE (Milan, Italy)

  • Maja I (Riga, Latvia)

  • Aquatherm (Ukraine)

  • Heat, water, air (Ukraine)

  • Budekspo. Spring (Ukraine)

  • Budekspo. Autumn (Ukraine)

  • Energy efficiency. Renewable energy 2015 (Ukraine)