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Technical characteristics


Decentralized counter flow (intake-extract) ventilation system PRANA recuperator.

Basic technical characteristics

PRANA ventilation system is subject to be connected to the fixed electric power system with voltage of 220V and frequency of 50Hz. Recuperation efficiency is up to 96%.


Product name

Air exchange volumes with recuperation, m3/h

Working module diameter, mm

Recommended area of the premises m2 / pressure Pa

Consumption W/h

Efficiency factor, %





Residential series

Prana 150

Prana 200G

Prana 150 ECO Energy

Prana 200G ECO Energy

Prana 150 ECO LIFE

Prana 200G ECO Life

Semi-industrial series

Prana 200C

Prana 200C ECO Energy

Prana 200C ECO Life

Industrial series

Prana 250

Prana 340A

Prana 340S

The function “mini-heat after” of the heat exchanger in residential and semi-industrial series lets widen the temperature range for comfortable Prana ventilation operation up to 30oC. Additional energy consumption when this function is on comprises in a residential series from 30 to 55 W/h and in a semi-industrial series – from 30 to 55 W/h.

  • Level of noise at the distance of 3 m in maximum operation modes does not exceed 50 dB. In the “night” mode it is 14 dB (a residential series);

  • System is designed for long-time operation at inside air temperature from +5 to +35 °C, outside air temperature from -25 °C (with the “heat-after” ON from -30°C) to +45°C.

  • Expected service life is 10 years;

  • Service maintenance period is once a year.

Supply package

  • ventilation system – 1;

  • technical passport – 1;

  • packaging box – 1;

  • remote control unit – 1.

  • Connecting elements and wires are not included into the supply package.

Technical maintenance

Technical maintenance of the ventilation installation is provided at least once a year and it comprises cleaning of the surfaces of fans and heat exchangers from dust and mud.

Storage regulations

It is necessary to keep a recuperator in factory packaging at the temperature from 0°C to +40°C and relative air humidity up to 80% (at t° = 25°C).

Transport regulations

Transporting of the products is allowed in a vertical state in special packaging boxes with four cells. Maximum height is two boxes. Transporting of products in individual packaging boxes must be made in a horizontal state. Maximum height is two boxes.

Manufacturer's warranty

Warranty service of the decentralized direct-flow intake-extract Prana recuperator system is given on condition that there is a technical passport of this product with the identified serial number, which was assigned at manufacturing and if Prana recuperator working module exists physically itself. Units without a serial number will be considered as fake ones and are not subject to warranty service.