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  • Model: PRANA – 200C
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Intake – 185 m3/h;

Extract – 177 m3/h;

Simultaneous intake and extract;

Electricity consumption from 4 to 35 W*h;

Efficiency factor up to 93%, energy saving class A;

The copper heat exchanger

Intake 185 m3/h

Extract 177 m3/h

Simultaneous operation of

intake and extract YES

efficiency factor up to 93%

electricity consumption 4-35 W*h

mini heat-after YES

the length of the working unit from 500 mm

diameter 200 mm

diameter of the mounting hole from 215 mm

the recommended area up to 120 m2

heating up of the frame YES

control system remote control and Prana Remote Control application

the copper heat exchanger YES

delivery in Ukraine YES

delivery in Europe and CIS YES

Certificate European quality certificate CE

PRANA-200C recuperators maintenance manual

Length from 500 mm and longer

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PRANA recuperators advantages:

  • The copper heat exchanger provides excellent recuperation and natural cleanliness of the air without microbes and bacteria, as the copper is a natural sanitizer.

  • Intake and extract work simultaneously, air flows do not mix.

  • The function MINI Heat-After is available for PRANA-150, PRANA-200, PRANA-200C models. These recuperators are used for additional comfort in ventilation organization of residential premises in a cold season. The function is activated by the button on a remote control or by the button in a mobile application. When this function is on, the temperature of intake air is additionally increased by 3-40C.

  • The prevalence of intake over extract up to 10%.

  • New design of inner and outer ventilation grids provides additional protection of ventilation system from rain, leaves and poplar wool and also allows fully stop air flows when it is necessary.

  • Control system: remote control or a dimer (a resistor).

  • There is a copper heat exchanger inside a working module due to which heat exchange (recuperation) is provided.

  • The model is used in business and industrial types ofpremises, public food places, entertainment and educational establishments, saunas, office blocks, call-centres, hotel and touristic complexes …The model can also be used in the premises for residential purposes.

  • Free delivery in Ukraine.

  • Delivery in Europe and CIS.

  • European quality certificate CE


Remote control

Switch off

Indication brightness adjustment

"Mini-heat after" OFF

" Mini-heat after" ON

"Ventilation" ON

"Winter mode" function

"Night" mode

Switching operational modes

Sleep timer


Control of the recuperator with the help of the mobile application


Operational modes switching

"Ventilation" mode

"Night" mode

"Mini-heat after" ON/OFF

Indication brightness adjustment

Sleep timer

"Winter mode" function

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