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  • Model: PRANA 340S
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Intake – 1100 m3/h;

Extract – 1020 m3/h;

Simultaneous intake and extract;

Electricity consumption from 80 to 310 W*h;

Efficiency factor 78-48%, energy saving class A;

The copper heat exchanger

This model is used in places for manufacturing and industry purposes:

  • factories

  • trade centres / shopping malls

  • sports and entertainment complexes

  • swimming pools

  • agricultural premises and so on …

This model can be also used in other premises of residential type.

Intake 1100m3/h

Extract 1020m3/h

Simultaneous operation of

intake and extract YES

efficiency factor 78-48%

electricity consumption 80-310 W*h

diameter 340 mm

diameter of the mounting hole from 350 mm

control system remote control, Prana Remote Control application. Professional sensor units of control: Control block DP Prana340 and Control block A Prana340.

a copper heat exchanger YES

delivery in Ukraine YES

delivery in Europe and CIS YES

Certificate European quality certificate CE

PRANA-340Srecuperators manual on control

PRANA-340Srecuperators manual on remote control

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PRANA recuperators advantages:

  • The copper heat exchanger provides excellent recuperation and natural cleanliness of the air without microbes and bacteria, as the copper is a natural sanitizer.

  • It was designed with the aim to provide ventilation for big premises with special operational conditions and was launched into mass manufacturing in accordance with corresponding technical features.

  • The system gives a possibility to connect multiple intake and extract channels (ΣΔР≤ 350Pa).

  • This system is produced both for installing inside the premises with further connecting to the standard intake and extract channels and for installing in a wall.

  • The control of PRANA 340S ventilation system is performed with the help of one dimer (rheostat switcher) or two dimers.

  • There is a copper heat exchanger due to which we get heat exchange (recuperation).

  • The model is used for manufacturing and industrial premises (factories, trade centres and shopping malls, sports and entertainment complexes, swimming pools, agricultural sector premises and so on.) It also can be used in the residential premises.

  • European quality certificate CE

  • Free delivery in Ukraine.

  • Delivery in Europe and CIS.

Remote control

Indication brightness adjustment


Speed switcher

Extract air flow control

Simultaneous control of flows

Intake air flow control

“Night” mode

“Ventilation” mode

ON/OFF "Mini-heat after"

ON/OFF “Autonomous mode”

"Winter mode" function

Showing information on display

Sleep timer